Leverage the power of Social Media & “world” of Mouth to grow your business

In these 90-minute programs, Becca Niederkrom  provides an in-depth understanding of the social media ecosystem.

These classes cover a variety of topics geared towards helping you kickstart business growth with social selling. Her programs can be tailored for small groups, solopreneurs, churches,  small businesses or mid-sized businesses.

#1 Work the Room: How to Network Like a Pro

 Learning how to network effectively is one of the most powerful tools an individual can use to advance their personal and professional life.

If you’ve never done it before, networking can be an intimidating endeavor. The most important area that networking can help you is in getting new business, finding a job, and having relationships with key people who can help you out in ways you can’t predict yet. But before you get started you’ll need to choose where to go to find fish in a barrel, what to say, how to strategize, the art of the follow up and more.  If you love to network or want to participate in networking, this is an essential class to get more clients and make more money.

#2 Master Email Marketing

Email is a crucial channel in any marketing mix, and never has this been truer than for today’s entrepreneur. Curious what to say? How to say it? How often to hit “send”? The way you write your emails can have a huge impact on how they align and achieve your business goals. Whether you’re kicking off a new campaign or looking to revamp your strategy, use the tactics in this class to make the most of email!

#3 Social Selling for Real Estate Agents

In order to successfully generate quality leads on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram you must treat your social media accounts like the inbound marketing channel that they are.

If you are a real estate agent and you plan on using the Web to build your real estate business, you must realize that you are now in the business of online marketing. You are now an online marketer. In fact, you are now an information marketer. You are not just simply a lead generator.



#4 The Facebook Marketing Strategy to Dominate 2018

If you’re considering using Facebook for marketing, you’ll want to learn the do’s and don’ts of Facebook for Business. And most importantly, you’ll want to gain a larger perspective on using this tool for relationship marketing.


#5 LinkedIn: The Only 3 Things You Need to Attract Quality Leads and Convert Them into Customers

LinkedIn is a must have for a business person. It is now considered to be our digital resume. If someone “googles” your name, one of the first couple of links to come up is your LinkedIn account. Most LinkedIn accounts are also out of date and this can lose you business. In this class, I’ll teach the LinkedIn Profile: The Only 3 Things You Need to Attract Quality Leads and Convert Them into Customers


#6 Dominate with Pinterest

Pinterest is growing fast, changing constantly and businesses and brands are catching on that it’s the best place to put their products and content.

Pinterest is the world’s catalog of ideas.  It’s a place you can find and save recipes, uncover parenting hacks, get style inspiration along with ideas for DIY home makeovers, and a ton of other ideas to try. It’s also a great resource that can garner tons of free traffic for small business owners and online marketers.  But if you don’t set up your Pinterest account the right way, you’ll miss out on growing a larger customer base, and instead of attracting viewers you’ll be distracting them.

Would you like to position your online marketing or business for a whole new level of success while dominating the latest and most effective Pinterest marketing techniques in just a few hours? This step-by-step Pinterest training class is going to take you by the hand and show you how to safely skyrocket your business online presence in the shortest time ever.